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Candidates Under Care

Clayton Anderson

Matt Arends

John Robert Biggs

Corron Boston

Tennant Brastow

Ian Brubaker

Blair Burke

Alex Canchola

Matt Dabiero

Timm Dazey

Cory Falgione

Matt Gidney

Jim Hahn

Mac Harris

Daniel Hoffman

Caleb Johnson

Ricky Johnson
Spencer Johnson

Kevin Kaye

Aaron Kees

Nathan McNeely

Tyler Miller

Alberto Paredes

Daniel Pollorena

Pedro Pollorena

Walker Rose

Jack Roylston

Grant Taylor

Bailey Wagner

Eric Westog


Mr. Ian Brubaker
License expires August 2023

TE Dr. Rod Culbertson, Jr.
Southwest Florida Presbytery
RTS Charlotte
704-651-8831 cell
License expires February 2027

RE Nate Groelsema
RTS Charlotte
616-970-5563 cell
License expires August 2024

TE Dr. Mike Milton (hr)
Tennessee Valley Presbytery
Faith for Living, Inc.
980-229-3314 cell
License expires February 2024

TE Dr. John Sittema (hr)
North Florida Presbytery
904-889-2219 cell
License expires April 2024

TE Trent Thomas
Fellowship Presbytery
980-328-2435 cell
License expires February 2025
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