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Stated Clerk, Chairman RE Flynt Jones Christ Covenant
Moderator: TE Mark Upton Hope Community
Assistant Moderator: RE George Kurz South Charlotte
At Large: TE Tom Groelsema Christ Covenant
At Large: TE Ben Thomas Sovereign Grace
Candidates Chair: TE Josh Creason South Charlotte
Examinations Chair:

TE Bill Barcley

Sovereign Grace
Missions Chair: TE John Kinyon Redeemer
RUF Chair: RE Breck Bolton Hope Community
Session Records Chair:

RE Homer Nash

Sovereign Grace
Shepherding Chair: TE Matt Guzi Hope Community

Candidates (Click here for committee forms)

2026 TE John Baber RUF UNC Charlotte
2026 RE Jim Sutton Christ Covenant
2025  TE Josh Creason, Chairman South Charlotte
2025  RE Rob Veerman Christ Covenant
2024 TE Will Ross RTS Charlotte
2024 RE Graham McClain Hope Community
2023 TE Aaron Ingle Hope Community
2023 RE Lee Thompson Christ Central

Examinations (Click here for committee forms)

2026 TE Bruce Creswell Christ Covenant
2026 TE Blair Smith RTS Charlotte
2026 RE Conor Aubry Cross Creek
2025  TE Bill Barcley, Chairman Sovereign Grace
2025  TE Tyler Dirks East Charlotte
2025  RE Drew Harris Uptown
2024 TE Chip McAulay Lake Tillery
2024 RE Justin Clark East Charlotte
2024 RE Kevin Parsons Christ Covenant
2023 TE Cory Colravy Carolina
2023 RE Jason McArthur Sovereign Grace
2023 RE Chris Williams Christ Covenant

Examinations (Alternate Members)

2026 TE (vacant)  
2026 RE (vacant)  
2025  TE Aaron Ingle Hope Community
2025  RE Rich Protasewich Christ Covenant
2024 TE Michael Mock Cross Creek
2023 RE Derly Cothron Church of the Redeemer


2026 TE (vacant)  
2026 TE Jeff Hardy Cross Park
2026 RE (vacant)  
2025  TE Dean Faulkner South Charlotte
2025  RE Curt Johnson Christ Covenant
2025  RE Jim Moore Grace Presbyterian
2024 TE John Kinyon, Chairman wc
2024 TE Bob Owen Redeemer
2024 RE Ryan Hudson Hope Community
2023 TE Mike Miller Christ Covenant
2023 RE Brent Andersen Christ Covenant
2023 RE (vacant)  

Reformed University Fellowship

2026 TE Adam Mumpower Church of the Redeemer
2025  RE James Barefoot Church of the Redeemer
2024 TE Dave Baxter Christ Covenant
2024 RE (vacant)  
2023 TE Omari Hill lob
2023 RE Breck Bolton, Chairman Hope Community

Session Records (Click here for committee forms)

2026 RE Walter Parrish Cross Creek
2025  TE Trip Smith Hope Community
2025  RE Homer Nash, Chairman Sovereign Grace
2024 TE Aaron Ingle Hope Community
2023 TE Salatiel Chuc Carolina
2023 RE Steve Bennett Cross Creek
  Stated Clerk, ex officio member

Shepherding (Click here for committee forms)

2026 TE Matt Ham Hope Community
2026 TE (vacant)  
2026 RE Gary Harwood Carolina
2025  TE David Yoran West Charlotte
2025  RE Larry Cantey Christ Central
2025  RE Johnny Surles Cross Creek
2024 TE Matt Guzi, Chairman Hope Community
2024 TE Daniel Vinson Grace Presbyterian
2024 RE Harry Andrews Redeemer
2024 RE (vacant)  
2023 TE Michael Mock Cross Creek
2023 TE Derek Wells Christ Covenant
2023 RE Bob Goudzwaard Christ Covenant
2023 RE Tom Waters Sovereign Grace


2025 RE Flynt Jones Christ Covenant
2024  TE John Kinyon Redeemer
2023  Deacon Tripp Gabriel Christ Covenant


hr - honorably retired
lob - laboring out of bounds
RE - ruling elder
  ss - stated supply
TE - teaching elder
wc - without call
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